The choices program has given me the tools I needed to start looking after myself first, I have become a way healthier person, I have lost 130 pounds, and I am feeling great!


I regained confidence I didn’t even realize I had lost, my relationships with my family have improved so much!! I wished I would have taken this program many years ago.


To say Choices changed my life is an understatement.


I felt like an emotional wreck when I walked through the doors and felt in control and responsible for my future when I left.


I learned that I have to be accountable for my decisions, be present in my relationships, to get out of my comfort zone and that there is a solution to every problem. 


Change takes time and most of all courage.


I could never have imagined that I would be where I am today… thriving and full of gratitude.


How my life plays out is up to me. Choices gave me the tools that help me  process difficult times and to recognize what a GREAT life I can create.


Thank you Choices team for all you do!!!!


Nancy Laberge

Choices is an experience that I wish I could live on the regular.  Never have I been in where I have felt so loved and safe! 

Choices helped me find forgiveness that I thought I would never find. It helped me learn how to love myself and others fully.  My relationships don't come with negativity, cold shoulders, and poor communication anymore. I carry more responsibility for my actions and choose my path rather than claiming that the path picked me. 

I am without a doubt a happier more deserving woman in all aspects!