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What is it that keeps us from having what we want? The sad truth is so many times it is easier to love, forgive and help others than it is to love, forgive and accept ourselves. The bottom line to the Choices experience is teaching the tools of forgiveness and love for ourselves and others.

CHOICES SEMINARS is a unique personal development program that leads you through a journey of visiting experiences in the past, evaluating current circumstances and making new choices about what your future will be.


The five-day seminar begins Wednesday mid-morning and concludes Sunday afternoon. It's an intense, non-stop, interactive, life-changing experience that will challenge, inform, excite and entertain everyone. You discover that CHOICES SEMINARS is a safe place to have an honest look at the person in the mirror. Whether you feel great about where you are right now, or if life is a struggle, CHOICES SEMINARS meets you where you are, giving you tools to live a life of fulfillment, joy, and passion. During CHOICES SEMINARS the processes will show you how to use the tools taught to get more of what you long for in your life and less of what's not working for you.


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CHOICES SEMINARS is a three-part program that begins with the 5-day Choices program and includes two follow-up weekend seminars, know as Givers I and Givers II.  The ongoing experiential activities are designed to create new, productive and healthy habits of progress and produce transformational growth.


GIVERS I focuses on communication, you'll have the opportunity to see how effective or ineffective you are in communication with friends, family and co-workers.  You'll be provided with tools to use to communicate in ways which could reduce conflict, improve listening and increase your understanding of what's being said.  


Givers II we focus on where you're going in the future.  Now that you are armed with a clearer understanding of what you want, what gets in your way, how to live accountable and communicate, you'll be challenged to commit to a direction and a purpose for your life.


Postponed until early 2021



Postponed until early 2021